Dienstag, 30. September 2008


EarthWinds is an iPhone touch web app that shows you the world from above with current images. Pick your view and see how the clouds and sometimes the Hurricanes move.

iPhone-URL: http://earthwinds.afterworkcoders.de


EarthView starts in view mode, in which you can navigate through the Satellite Images. Tap play-button to start looping. For sinlge navigation use the buttons: first, previous, next and last. Take a closer look with two fingered zoom and tap on the image to start or stop the loop.

Tap the "i"-button to enter the configuration page.
There you can:
  • change your language, generally not necessary because EarthWinds recognizes your language settings
  • choose your view from 5 options: America, Africa, Indian Ocean, Australia or Pacific Ocean
  • choose your special view, e.g. hurricanes of 2009/2008 or the flight around the current windy world
  • choose the count of images you want to loop through, generally there are 4 images per day
  • choose loop speed
  • choose the kind of descripton from data,counter or both
  • toogle from single run mode to loop mode.

The Satellite Images are provided from the German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetter Dienst / http://www.dwd.de).

Montag, 29. September 2008


Marcus Mattern
Richard-Wagner-Straße 12
97074 Würzburg

E-Mail: Marcus.Mattern (at) afterworkcoders.de